Holy Mole DeColores in Pilsen

chicken mole dinner

One evening, I decided to take advantage of my empty fridge and growling stomach and venture out to a restaurant on Halsted street that I had seen in passing.Since moving to my new neighborhood, I have not had much of an opportunity to dive into its rich food scene. DeColores is on a bustling street but has a certain type of discretion on the block. The lack of bold exterior is not a reflection of a unique interior.


I took my seat at the bar and took in my surroundings. The restaurant was truly inviting. It fully embraced the rich Mexican culture while remaining graceful and simple in its decor.


I was immediately greeted by a friendly bartender who provided great cocktail suggestions.  My drinks consisted of house specialty beverages, all tequila-based. Not sure of the names, but my favorite one definitely had hibiscus in it.  The bartender was also my waiter for the evening, and recommend I try the signature dish, Mole Poblano. It consisted of tender chunks of chicken with mole sauce, Mexican rice, a salad, and a side of corn tortillas.

Holy Mole! It was so good!


My first experience with this dish, made with a chocolate based sauce was wonderful. The sauce was not sweet, like the melted down a big piece of fudge. Rather, it was rich and a little more savory purposely crafted with a variety of spices. It also complimented well with everything on the plate.

Cocktail included!

It is no wonder that this restaurant has earned rave reviews from local culinary magazines and fans, especially those from the annual Mole de Mayo festival.

And now me!

This restaurant was a great first experience in every aspect. Fresh food, friendly staff, and delicious drinks. I can not wait to go back and try some more appetizing dishes from their colorful menu.

If you are in the area, stop by after the next 2nd Friday ArtWalk or save it for your next date night. You will be truly glad you did.

Rated Haute 



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